PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu produced these comments from the beginning of the regular Case conference:

"I explained in my own discussions with Assistant of Condition John Kerry that you will have no change while in the status quo. The Temple Bracket may stay ASIS and you will be handled since it has become. Measures for trips by Jews for the Temple Support are protected; you will see no change included, just-as the prayer plans for that Muslims.

Israel comes with an fascination with stationing cameras in-all elements of the Temple Mount. First, so that you can disprove the declare that Israel is altering the status quo.

I observed the beneficial result of Jordanis foreign minister from what I stated yesterday evening. I really hope it'll enable calm factors, atleast concerning the Temple Mount.

for Your benefit of eliminating any uncertainty, I'm improving the Jewish Condition statement incoordination with all coalition groups. We shall try this prior to the coalition contract which affirms: "a-team composed of all coalition groups will soon be recognized to make a wording for your Jewish Condition bill - that is just what we did, and we'll complete IDF this regulation.

We're continually preventing Daish, Jabhat - Al-Nusra and also other terrorist organizations. That's what's accomplished in virtually any such event. Whoever joins the rates of the adversary to combat Israel, won't be an Israeli resident. "