Chanel Iphone 6 Case Price

Gently slide, turn the phone - this is the first iPhone to answer the telephone, and when it is applied to the bulk of the family's clamshell protective shell, is designed for iPhone 6/6 Plus launched the Hel-ooo - full leather Embed wrapped clamshell casing skylights and induction dots, regardless of time, you can get the phone can be seen.
Although ordinary clamshell case provides full protection for mobile phones, but received a phone call when you need to open the flip to view, turn on, which is busy working, crowded car were obviously too much trouble, Hel-ooo protection set in the innovative design of the clamshell roof and intelligent visual sensor dots, without open clamshell can quickly view information time immediately, notification, and gently glide dot can answer the phone, so that everything can be seen to have .

Hel-ooo protective cover practical function is particularly suitable for fast-paced business people, so the only black and white colors and styles available. Meanwhile, in order to enhance its feel, the quality, the bulk of the material on the surface as a selection of high-quality leather, lining using a reinforced polycarbonate hard shell, both to improve the Hel-ooo protective cover durability, safety, but also to ensure a good feel and visual enjoyment.

Comment: As a tailor for the iPhone 6/6 Plus protective cover design, Hel-ooo again continued the bulk of consistent quality, in terms of material or technology, whether it is packaging or the product itself but also reflects the Apple official authentication, authorization business philosophy and standards.

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