Hertfordshire Caterers

Caterers For Hertfordshire Events, Functions And Weddings Since the 1960’s.


As Caterers we have delivered quality service and food to Hertfordshire customers for over 40 years. This level of continuity has persisted because our customers have enjoyed the Heriot Catering experience. And so we have seen our Herts customers start with their Weddings and then continue to use us for Birthdays, Anniversaries and their childrens’ Weddings.


This makes it all the more gratifying because throughout these years Heriot Catering has been one of many quality Caterers in Hertfordshire.


What makes people come back to us is that we treat each event as Unique and Important to the person. So we ensure that the presentation and quality of our food, combined with a standard of service brings real satisfaction to our customers.


And this standard exists in everything we do. Our Head Chef, Kim Chapman, takes real delight in catering for events. While our Serving Staff are trained and professional and have worked for us for many years.


The result is we get comments and praise from our many different customers like these.


We welcome everyone to look through the site to check on our many menu options and pricing.


Alternatively please contact us directly if you need information or have any questions.


Hertfordshire Caterers are #1 choice for catering needs for any event or party. Hertfordshire Caterers are known for their quality and service.


Address :-


20-22 Headstone Drive,


Harrow, Middlesex HA3 5QH


United Kingdom.


call us at -  020 8427 7373


Email us at -  [email protected]


WebSite – http://www.heriot.co.uk/