Tipping Etiquettes in a Hotel and Restaurant

Tipping Etiquettes in a Hotel and Restaurant

Be a well-informed traveler and know how to tip at the hotels and restaurants. Hone your tipping etiquettes and follow the righttips on tipping while enjoying your vacation.

When it comes to a vacation, making the right tips is an essential consideration. While most of us may not think much about it, the truth is that when we have to tip, it can get very confusing. One is often mixed up as to how much to tip, when to tip and should they tip at all. Well, this simple guide is going to get rid of all those confusions and enjoy your vacation without any confusions or stress in the Worldwide Tour.

Tipping at Hotels

When you reachyour hotel, do not forget to tip the taxi or limo driver, and it should be 10 to 15 percent of the total fare. And, if you are driving your car, the valet parking attendant will expect $1 to $2.The bellman who helps you with your bags and the door should get $1 to $2 per bag. You can tip more for any additional services. The concierge, who helps you with dinner reservations and theatre tickets expects $5 to $10 for such feats. Unless a gratuity is already added, you can add 15 percent of the bill to a room service charge.

Tipping At Train Stations and Airports

When arriving at or leavingtrain station or the airport, you can tip the standard porter about $1 per and even more if the luggage is very heavy. Generally speaking $1 tip for hailing a taxi is just right for the doormen. You can tip more for special services, such as carrying your bags.

Tipping at Restaurant Tipping

Most U.S. restaurants accept 15 or 10 % as the standard tip. The bar tenders get between 15 and 20%when you sit at the bar. And, if you find the services and food unsatisfactory, you can walk out without tipping. However, when eating in restaurantsin Europe and Asia, pay attention to lunch and dinner bills as some restaurants clip on an extra 15 percent and do not expect tips. Tip the matter d' between $5 and $10 at fancy restaurants if he gets you a table, especially if you have no reservations. Tip $1 when you check your coat, and another $1 for restroom attendants.

Keep the above etiquette guide on tipping in mind and get a general idea of the standard tipping rate when you travel across the world.Don’t forget to tip and enjoy your vacation with Ultimate Holiday Packages.