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ICETRO Soft Serve Machines


At Smoothie Operators we have been working with frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt (soft ice cream) machines for 12 years, and it made sense for us to use our experience to offer a range of machines in the UK.


We are pleased to be the sole distributor for ICETRO soft serve and granita (Slush) equipment in the UK. Our equipment is top quality and backed by an extensive warranty program.


ICETRO soft serve machines come in a range of sizes, that will cater for any operation. We start with small table top machines for smaller sites who want to be able to serve real frozen yogurt, but will not be doing huge volumes, right up to high end, high output machines with air pumps to deliver huge volumes every hour.


Our whole range has been re-engineered in the last 18 months, and we continue to develop the range, and integrate the latest technology. Our range includes –


    Single flavour machines

    Dual flavour machines

    Gravity machines

    Pumped machines

    Pasteurising machines

    Fully automatic vending machines

    Combination machines


Buying the right soft serve machine, can bit a bit like buying the right car ! Just like any car will get you from A to B but the way they do it is quite different, any of our machines will produce frozen yogurt, but how they do it, and how much they can do also varies by machine.


We are more than happy to talk to you about the differences between the machines, explain the difference between ‘pump’ and ‘gravity’ machines, why you need to know about how many compressors each model has, how much air (over-run) is in your product, and how the electronic control systems can help your business.


You can look in the DOCUMENTS section for full information on all of the Jet-Ice models, or click here to download a complete brochure.


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