If you have not heard of the Body Zorbing, then it is the new game in the hood that is attracting hundreds of players and fans alike. Just like the normal soccer match, the game is played on the pitch but can also be played as an indoor game in the gym. Body zorbing requires that the opponent score just like it is with the soccer game but the main difference is that the players are in a giant plastic orb. This is the reason why it is referred to as the bubble soccer since the players are trapped inside the bubble from the waste.

This game is a cross between the zorbing and soccer. It is very easy to play since the rules are almost similar to that soccer. All you need to have is the perfect bubble soccer facilities to enjoy the game to the fullest and this is what we are offering you. We have a reputation of providing some of the best bubble soccer facilities and equipment including the plastic orb.Our products are designed to fit the games and players’ expectations and we ensure that the player is fully contented with the quality.