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Mistral IV Windstopper Cycling Gloves Welcome to Maryland: I Can't Feel My FingersI didn't have much need for winter bicycling gloves, or any winter cycling gear for that matter, when I was living in Naples, Florida for six years. In fact, I never gave winter bike gear any thought, as the coldest day I ever rode in was in the midfifties. And that was in the dead of winter, moncler jackets outlet during a cold spell.

Typically, I was riding in 60 75 degree weather in the winter and 8592 degree weather in the summer. When out there training fora triathlon or just having a nice ride, I was always more concerned with shedding layers than with adding them.

Fast forward to my move to Maryland and biking late fall into the early winter. I did have some lightweight, microfiber running gloves that I had broken out in Florida on those chilly 52degree mornings (chilly for a thinblooded Floridian) and I figured these would do me just fine for my Maryland winter bicycling.

It was a sunny cheap moncler jackets day, very breezy, in the low40s, when I learned how wrong I as and became aware of the need for wearing biking gloves in the winter.

About twenty miles into my 40mile ride, I noticed that my fingers were not bending with the dexterity that they had previously proven capable. A couple of miles later, I was tucked down onto the aerobars because I was having trouble gripping the dropdowns. A little later, and for the remainder of the ride, it felt like the cold wind was cutting directly into the bones on my fingers.

Needless to say, it was a long back twenty. Gore Bike Wear: You May Have Your Hands BackGoretex has been a leader in creating lightweight, windresistant sports gear for as long as I can remember (back to those ski trips in middle school winter sporting apparel was much bulkier back then). Goretex's bike line, 'Gore Bike Wear,' lives up to the company's reputation for creating topnotch cycling gear to beat the elements on those long Sunday rides, or on your bicycle commute to work as the sun is just beginning its ascent.