When you can see from HomeLand Art

You'll find three pictures of Howth when you is able to see from HomeLand Arts gallery. Two of those paintings reflect the 3rd painting and the harbour is of the Bailey Lighthouse, overlooking Dublin Bay.

Howth is an excellent spot to visit and is really a nice little escape proper spending time in Dublin City. Based only 9 miles from the city center, it requires about 2-5 minutes to get to by Dart (Dublins electric railroad system). To research additional information, we understand you check out: Michael Taggart Bringing Blockchain Startups To Dublin Web Summit. You can even get a coach to Howth Summit where the views across Dublin bay are amazing. On a clear day you can see as far south as Wexford and hunting east you can find out the hills of Wales. From here you can observe the Bailey Lighthouse and its watch across Dublin Bay towards the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains. Our painting of the Bailey Lighthouse was decorated perhaps not far from the peak where the cliff walk begins.