brennan Williams

From Annie and Josie to Diane and Jenny and (type of) Billie Jean…welcome to spherical 2 of the lady within the video collection. Kathy: I was in the video for Figures” by Zaine Griff the lady who walks straight on the digicam close to the beginning of the video and in addition one directed by Paul McCartney, a Jamaican reggae group referred to as the Simeons; I actually do not remember the name. Julie: I had just joined Fashions 1 mannequin company and Terence Donovan (a photographer and the director of the video) held a casting at his studio. Kathy: I was very excited when I heard I'd be working with Terence Donovan again and doing a video. It was just one other reserving, besides this one was with somebody whose music I liked.

I dated the drummer, Stan Lynch, for 5 years after the video and would see Tom on excursions and numerous band appearances, as well as hanging out along with his wife Jane and daughter Adria. The video was nominated for MTV's Greatest Video of the Year and was up against Peter Gabriel's Massive Time.” MTN: Memory is imperfect. Usually it is my pals who ask somebody in the room, Are you aware who she is?” Without fail, they say, No.” That is quickly adopted by, Effectively, do you remember the Tom Petty video with Alice in Wonderland?” Once they used to play MTV on TVs in bars, it inevitably came on when I used to be there.

Sherrie was the girlfriend of Steve Perry, basic lead singer of Journey, and the inspiration for the 1984 hit Oh Sherrie.” She also appeared in the video and, if you happen to ask me, she emanates sincerity. I was in a TV business and the costume designer said a director referred to as Steve Barron was searching for a girl to cast in a video with a brand new band. MTN: Poignantly, Steve additionally directed what a-ha stated is their last video , in 2010, and it hearkens back to Take On Me.” She requested me if I wish to meet him.

The music enterprise was once an trade the place producers, songwriters and artists was once siloed inside their own core competencies. However since that time, with the dwindling of funds for music education in our public schools, we now have artists calling themselves songwriters with little knowledge of music theory, composition or music weddings by Blindsight structure or appreciation for types that got here earlier than (to our detriment). Sadly with the gobbling up of native, unbiased stations by the likes of corporations comparable to Clear Channel, all we've now are generic, universal playlists.

One scene I bear in mind: after I had been given the ZZ Prime keychain and transformed into a long-legged Tinker Bell of kinds, I entered the shop and confronted my bullies”; when snapping the nose of Eddie (who was really the choreographer…and my manicurist within the video was Deborah Kurtz, the casting director), I actually hurt him. I'm not sure if it was his real identify or not, but I think we known as my boyfriend in the video Billy.” I never spoke quite a lot of words to him.