An Amazing Place To Visit In Your Vietnam Holidays

An Amazing Place To Visit In Your Vietnam Holidays

Blessed with pristine coastline, which alone is reason enough to discover this south-east Asian treasure, Vietnam complements this with an exquisite French colonial-influenced heritage, cities and towns that come out of historic charm. Vietnam holidays have come of age. Here is a country raised, in a matter of years, from best-kept backpacker secret to a host with 21st century poise, still offering visitors that tantalizing raw travel appeal of old, but backing it up with comfortable, competent infrastructure and a very modern sense of luxury.


Vietnam is an exceptionally beautiful country with contrasting landscapes, from mountain peaks in the northern highlands, to its fertile network of flood plains in the south’s Mekong Delta. Vietnam also exhibits influences from across the region, with Chinese, Khmer and European styles of cooking, architecture and religion blending together. As well as remarkable natural attractions and a vivid cultural scene, Vietnam also boasts a superb selection of hotel resorts where relaxation, pampering and exceptional service make up the essential ingredients for the ultimate 5 star holiday. It means a Vietnam Holidays have the capacity to surprise at every turn.


Taking its versatility in mind, Vietnam Holidays capture the essence of everything that is good about Asia; stunning scenery, historical treasures, beautiful beaches and friendly, welcoming people. Southern Vietnam boasts the nation’s most vibrant metropolis In Ho Chi Minh City and the vast tranquil waters of one of Asia’s mightiest rivers, the Mekong.  Northern Vietnam is home to the charming city of Hanoi; with its lakes, parks and wide open boulevards, along with some of the most dramatic scenery in Asia; dramatic mountain passes, lofty limestone mountains and emerald rice paddies.  In Central Vietnam, you'll discover an intriguing combination of colourful history, picturesque highland scenery and gorgeous beaches.


Travel to Vietnam with RED LOTUS TRAVEL opens you up to discover a beautiful country with immense geographic and cultural diversity. With varying climates and landscapes that range from four seasons in the mountainous North to year-round tropical temperatures in the lush South, Vietnam is one holiday experience you don’t want to miss. We provide amazing Vietnam travel deals for group or family tours. You can choose to travel at various levels of comfort, staying in anything from deluxe to budget accommodation and using various forms of transportation.


If you were to visit Vietnam for an unlimited time, you would definitely have all the time in the world for exploring all the facts that make this place unique. So start Vietnam Holidays now for lifetime pleasure.