Airplane exhibit new A350XWB in Jeddah

Jeddah airport is welcomed the world’s most recent, modern, luxurious and proficient airplane whose name is A350XWB, which will stay in Jeddah on its area as showpiece visit.  

The airplane was landed in Jeddah on Tuesday and was greet by the officials of Saudi Airlines, Saudi private Aviation and media people.

In the brief meeting by Airplane seniors, visitors, press and media member took part in a practical tour aboard the airplane, In this time distinctive design, ease, luxurious seats, beautiful environment, ultra-modern materials of the compartment, and the most advanced and unique wraparound cockpit.

Mr. Mulatt who is airplane executive manager in Saudi Arabia said, “We are glad to take the advance and hi-tech airplane A350XWB to Saudi Arabia for the very first time and we are expecting very high that Saudi Airlines will join our consumer list.”

He said that airplane and Saudi Airlines will love a best relationship which is ongoing in 1984 when the first aircrafts A300-600 were provided to Saudi Airlines. 

For travelers, the A350XWB takes new levels of in-flights relaxation, ease, with more private space in all classes. In the first-class cabin airlines can fix the most comfortable and easy lie-flat seats, while the spare extensive fuselage permits for luxurious and state-of-the art service or budget plans in economy class.

The features of the airbus is broader panoramic windows, superior above stowage cubicles and a new draught-free air cooling system, as well as the recent in-flight entertainment and linking systems. At the end of June 2015, the A350XWB had won 781 companies orders around the world from 40 consumers.


Airplane is recently doing a joint test and advertising tour and travel with their Airplane A350. While it as a probable to show off the recent airplane, Aircraft also have the chance to test the machinery in diversity of circumstances, comprising the dissimilar weathers and areas, to optimistically notice any teething the issues earlier the airbus is placed into profitable task. Airplane staff will provide best services to the visitors who are coming to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah.