Slimsticks works in 2 phases.

Phase One

Once Slimsticks is consumed, the konjac expands inside the stomach causing you to feel full rapidly. With additional liquid consumption the impression of fullness continues.

This can be physical reaction and not a placebo effect.

Phase Two

After three or four hours once fully distributed around your lower intestinal system, the palm and oats oils get moving. Your mind senses undigested fat (see What’s in Slimsticks) letting you know continue to be full or otherwise not too hungry. In technical terms this is whats called the ‘Ileal brake mechanism’ and also this satiety effect stops you over eating.

Slimsticks then finally digests using your colon.

Uniquely, both of these phases work independently but complement one another making certain Slimsticks will help you reduce your weight or used to manage your weight within a healthy eating plan.

We strongly recommend drinking two additional portions of water because this ensures Slimsticks reaches your stomach quicker, immediately expanding the Konjac and thus begins to speed up.

With increased liquid consumption the impression of fullness continues since it feeds the Konjac, drinking lots of liquid keeps hydrating and expanding the Konjac so holding you back feeling full.

What’s more Slimsticks is caffeine free and possesses no adverse negative effects.

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