Electrostatic Coating Processes Now More Widely Used

The wonders of high-tech surround us everyday from cell phones and tablets to computers and TVs. Yet even more fascinating is the high-tech that makes up all the things we take for granted - the handle on the stair well of the train that you hold as you board, the small knobs on your car sound system that allow you to change the stations and also the slippery coating on your non-stick pans. Every one of these mundane objects were built and specially coated with industrial coatings of endless variety.

Yet, if you ask the average man about town about PTFE coating or Xylan coating, you will be met with blank stares. Though many people do not realize they exist, take a look at just some of the ways industrial coatings improve our lives:

Medical Instruments
Surgical instruments, syringes and diagnostic equipment are frequently coated with a nylon agent to prevent instruments from corroding when they come in contact with the body's fluids.

Gadgets and Gizmos
The hundreds of connectors and parts that make up your household appliances, your automobile or even the wheeled office chair you sit on at your job have likely all been coated with a variety of industrial powder coating to stop damage from moisture, corrosion or heat and a variety of harsh conditions.

Specialized Equipment
The military, police force and automotive technicians all use tools and equipment that were probably dipped in plastisol coating to offer a soft grip and also offer abrasion, impact and corrosion protection.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles
Grab handles on buses provide a slip-resistant hold, thanks in part to industry sprays or coatings. Most items are fluid-dipped or sprayed, to provide aesthetic coloring and extreme resistance to wear and tear.

Food Prep
Your favorite pans are likely coated with a food grade Teflon coating to prevent many foods from sticking. But, don't forget the baskets in your dishwasher or the rubbery handles on your cookware, paring knife or serving spoons for additional instances of industrial coatings at work.

Most coating is added at manufacturing plants all over the United States. But, there are many facilities that specialize in powder coating throughout New Jersey.

Now the next time you use a pair of pliers, your hammer or the fine grip of that grab bar on the train, be sure to appreciate the professional coatings industry and the many ways they make life safer and more comfortable.

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