Jumping Stilts - Would be the Newest "Extreme" Sport Extremely Dangerous? - Here's the Real Scoop

Are jumping stilts - the most up-to-date extreme sports equipment - extremely dangerous? One check out these radical new kinds of stilts can give any parent a twinge of fear for his or her "baby," that's almost certain. "Not my kid!" is usually a pretty typical parental reaction after seeing jumping stilts the very first time. Something that features a person standing 18 inches taller of what appear like really small "hooves" around the end of for an extended time springs just can't be secure, right? And then for any parent doing holiday present Google research to learn what Johnny meant by "jumping stilts!" on his yes-I-really-was-a-good-boy list will find those wacky YouTube videos of crazy younger people flipping, flying, and bouncing throughout the urban landscape like crazed maniacs with no helmets, pads, or even shirts!

So, seriously, who could believe this wild new extreme sport is safe to use at all?

As it happens, oh nervous parent, which the extreme appearance of jumping stilts does not produce extreme danger. Yes, you may breathe a sigh of relief now... whew...

Here's why: The inventor, German aerospace engineer Alexander Boeck, thought hard and long concerning the model of these crazy-looking stilts, and the man engineered them in order that when you're strapped into them and standing tall, the stilt hooves are down the page your natural center of gravity. That happens to be much better than even those silly regular stilts every one of us tried out as kids which made you are feeling wobbly because your center of gravity was to inside the stilt, making it awkward just to walk on. A lot of people who try jumping stilts see that surprisingly quickly they think very comfortable and balanced on his or her stilts.

But, says the worried parent, why don't you consider the fact that my child are now able to go bouncing off down the road anywhere furthermore, as they will now jump as much as six feet high - well, what a long distance to fall?

Fair point, dear parent, which is why every expert from the sport says "wear your safety gear, no exceptions!" and "never try tricks on stilts which you haven't tried within a gym!" In fact, most bockers (what jumping stilts users call themselves in honor of the inventor) will show you is always that their safety gear - head gear, as well as wrist, elbow and knee guards - has saved them from scrapes and bruises a couple of times, plus they wouldn't go bocking without. Additionally they know to find out their tricks without stilts first - using a trampoline or using a gymnastics spring floor - and in many cases then, to make use of mats once they first try those same new tricks on stilts.

Think back about 25 years, recall how insane snowboarding seemed? Do you notice how normal it's now? Hmm... could it only be that new sports always seem more dangerous just because they're new?

Do injuries occur to bockers? Honestly, yes, and usually, the reason is that they were pushing their limits (and knew it) or didn't place on their safety gear. Gravity will usually win by trying to cheat. The bottom line is that - equally as in almost any extreme sport - the gear itself is no longer dangerous than the usual baby bunny rabbit. It's the way you use the equipment that determines the quality of danger and potential injury, with proper protective clothing and by following some good sense rules, Johnny are going to be safe as possible as he experiences the thrill on the planet like a trampoline on his new bocks he got as his holiday present this year.

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