Jewels for sale in town

When choosing an engagement rings store in any town there are always many choices, ranging from discount jewelers, second-hand, and pawn shops to the most exclusive, elite, and therefore most expensive stores. Nice pieces can sometimes be had from discount stores and some great deals are possible at second-hand or pawn shops. However, most people don’t want to appear cheap when buying this most important item and cannot afford the upscale boutique jewelers. This is where the mid-range jewelry stores come in. These could be small one-location operations or huge chains with catchy slogans on TV or radio. Whether large or small, the competition for your attention at this level is fierce. For example, many people can probably fill in this slogan: “every kiss begins with…” So then the choice becomes which one of these to choose, whether to choose a large national or regional chain or to support the local guy. The movement today is to support the shops from the local area. One problem with the local guy is that one must be cautious to find one that is reputable. Choosing an engagement rings store in Charlotte NC is no different than any other town.

When looking for Engagement Rings Charlotte NC  an example of a mid-range jewelry store is Ballantyne Jewelers. They are local guys with just one store, located in the southern part of Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean they are “small”. They are an old established firm, having been in business for over forty –five years, and have become the place to go for engagement rings around Charlotte. People looking for Engagement Rings Concord NC or even Engagement Rings Mooresville will make the trek down. Ballantyne Jewelers is housed in an unassuming brick building but their showroom is impressively larger than many with a setting designed to be professional and help one make confident decisions. They offer a full line of engagement and wedding rings, with designs from many popular designers. There is also a custom design service, with a master jeweler on hand to help with one’s design. As with many stores today, they also have an internet presence.

Whether looking for engagement rings in Charlotte, NC or Portland, OR the choices are about the same: cheap, expensive, or in the middle; large chains or smaller single stores; reputable established firms or fly-by-night shops. Choose wisely – an engagement ring is one of the most important.