Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned on ABC, CNN and NBC.

Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed on NBC:

"the whole planet recognized the offer with North Korea. It regarded to become a fantastic development; it'd provide a conclusion to Northern Koreais atomic system; you would have personnel. That could get the job done. And undoubtedly everyone recommended it, but it ended up to be always a very, very poor offer and you also realize where we're with North Korea.

It's Really A militant Islamic electricity bent on local domination, in-fact, bent on earth domination, as it honestly suggests so. They merely chanted 'Demise to America' several Israel days previously about the roads of Tehran, precisely the same avenues where they are rejoicing today. Dont provide the preeminent terrorist state-of our period the use of a nuclear plan which could enable them produce atomic weapons. It is extremely harmful to many of US."