How Much Do Lumineers Cost?

Lumineers are a very popular and attractive option, but they do come at a cost. Below, we examine the basic costs of lumineers, and also factors of your lumineers that could affect your total cost of lumineers.

First off, though you may have nhs dentists bristol inkling of what lumineers are, do you know exactly what they are? Lumineers are a higher model of porcelain veneers. Whereas porcelain veneers are pieces of porcelain surgically affixed to the front of your teeth to optimize your smile, lumineers are made of a stronger and thinner porcelain to make the procedure easier and appearance more attractive and realistic. With porcelain veneers, a patient would have to have the porcelain ground down prior to cementing the veneer to the front of their teeth- lumineers just require dental crown cement.

The cost? The average range of lumineers to improve the color of your teeth is between $700-$1100 per tooth. The cost of lumineers is based on a number of factors inherent in lumineers. For one, the realistic and dazzling look of lumineers is noticeably better than veneers. Two, they use much history of dentists advanced porcelain materials that makes the lumineer thinner, stronger, cosmetic dental surgery easier to work with. Three, the procedure is easier and more attractive to you. All things considered, most people find it is the better way to go.

What might affect the cost of lumineers above and beyond this stated cost range? Be forewarned that there could easily be more fees affixed to the cost of your procedure to have lumineers administered based on your individual teeth needs and the procedures of the office. Choose your lumineer specialist carefully- if you receive lumineers from a dentist that is not well trained, your lumineers could possibly stain or crack which will lead to more fees on top of the original expense of getting lumineers.