What You Should Know About The Grand Prix In Monaco

Monte Carlo is a haven for vacationers. From idyllic and picturesque landscapes to a scintillating party scene, Monte Carlo is known for many reasons. The Monte Carlo best luxury hotels are also the cream of the crop. The sheer luxury and the amenities you are going to get at the best 5-star luxury stays Monaco are unparalleled. There is another reason why you may want to visit Monaco and that’s the famous Grand Prix.




Monaco is possibly the most favorite leg of the Formula 1 calendar. There are two major reasons why. One, the Monaco Grand Prix is glamorous and two, it is among the oldest circuits in the world. The first racing event on twisting streets dates back to 1929.


The track is among the most thrilling because of the challenges. You may not know this that a driver has to change his gear for as many as fifty four times per lap. That effectively means for more than four thousand changes through the entire course of a race. Full throttle is almost alien to Monaco Grand Prix. You can go full throttle only 42% of a lap and the longest you can stay at riveting speeds is just eight seconds.


The circuit is one of the more challenging but also the shortest track. It runs for just a bit more than 3.34 km. The distance covered in a complete race is 260.520 km which is again the shortest in F1 racing and the number of laps is the highest in the calendar, 78.


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Those who have conquered the Monaco Grand Prix are the champions of champions. The list includes the likes of Graham Hill and Michael Schumacher. Both have won it five times. Alain Prost has four wins to his credit and Jackie Stewart as well as Stirling Moss have three wins. Ayrton Senna has won the Monaco Grand Prix for six times. That record is yet to be broken. McLaren has fifteen wins to its credit and Ferrari has nine. Lotus has managed to win seven.


Monaco Grand Prix requires six weeks to prepare the circuit and then three weeks to undo all of it. The tight and twisty tracks of the circuit along with the crash barriers, little to no margin for any kind of error and lack of overtaking opportunities have made this track famous and infamous.


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