Concrete Cleaning Products, Tips for Stains, Rust, Oil, Grease, Mold

The various categories of concrete cleaners are:

Soaps and DetergentsAcid cleaners (low pH)pH-neutral cleanersAlkaline cleaners (high pH)Enzymatic cleanersSpecialty cleanersPressure Sprays and Steam CleanersSoaps and Detergents for Cleaning Concrete

Soaps and detergents contain of fatty acids that emulsify grease, oil, and bind dirt, allowing dirt particles and stained to be lifted off and suspended in the water and so removed. Concrete is very porous, and binds dirt are stain in the cavities. A lot of elbow grease and a brush are required, as soaking with soapy water wont work by itself.

pH-Neutral Concrete Cleaners

When to use them: These mild chemical cleaners