SEO techniques that you cannot live without in 2015

SEO is changing rapidly. In the past few years, internet has seen massive ups and downs. Due to this very nature of internet that it keeps on changing with every second, you cannot stick to a particular method or technique for too long. Same goes true for SEO techniques.

Here are a few SEO techniques that you should stick to in 2015 if you want to attain or maintain better search engine rankings.

Focus On Technical Side

SEO is now more of technical marketing than traditional link building method. Majority of the ranking factors need in-depth technical knowledge like indexing problems, layout, meta tags, redirecting, keyword research and others. All these and many other tasks need intensive high-level technical skills and this is the reason why most of the SEO experts fail to deliver what they promise for.

To dominate search engines in 2015, you have to focus more on the technical side of SEO and it is recommended to hire an expert who can handle all this stuff. It is no more a one man's job.

Link Building

There was a time when we used to build links like crazy from automation tools and that worked very well for all of us but then Google updated its algorithm and kept on doing so and is still doing it. We have now reached at a point where things aren't easy and nobody exactly knows what to do to rank better in search engines. Building backlinks is critical but how to do it the right way, is the real question.

There are only a few people or I should say experts, who know how to do it the right way and they have done so by their experience. Dori Friend is an SEO expert who has extensive SEO experience under her belt. If you somehow manage to see her plans and see how she ranks websites, you will learn a lot. By the way, she is launching a new SEO training program Page One Engine review and bonus you should see it.

Keywords Especially Long-Tails Still Matter

No matter what someone says about keywords and keyword density, there is one thing that you should keep in mind, keywords still matter.

While you just cannot fill your copy with keywords but the idea is to use a mix of diverse long-tail and short-tail keywords. Diversity is indeed very critical and the right mix of keywords should be selected and used in the content.

You see it is all about keywords and choosing the right keywords. Users enter a keyword or a phrase in the search engine to find what they are looking for. As long as users keep searching content via keywords and phrases, you should keep using those keywords and phrases in your content. Simple.

As internet users are becoming more advance, they now have a better knowledge and understanding of search engines. Gone are those days when they used to enter a single word in the search engine's search bar instead now they enter full sentences and phrases. This is why you should focus more on long-tail keywords.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly

While we are seeing enormous changes in Google algorithm and search engines, at the same time, there are more severe changes in the technology. Smart phones and tablets are sold like candies. As the number of smart phone and tablet users have increased massively, this means majority of your audience has now shifted to mobile from computers.

If you haven't optimized your website for mobile and tablets, you are missing a huge portion of traffic. In fact, you are not eating