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Life Science market growth

Life science market growth is being experienced across the board.  The pharmaceutical industry alone was projected to be valued at $1.23 trillion in 2014, up from $1.15 trillion in 2013, with projected growth of over 6% annually over the years to 2018.

http://hexengirls.jimdo.com/  - Biotechnology has increased on average around 10% per year for the last 5 years. The medical technology market globally is expected to rise by 5% up until 2020.  

With disruptive technologies playing a part in other industries, there is also the potential for this to happen within the life sciences and spur on further spending.

Stakeholders are wise to invest in a steadily growing industry


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In vitro diagnostics industry analysis

In the western world, patients are wanting to be able to test for everything quickly, and easily. They want fast turnaround and the ability to test where ever they feel comfortable. Genetic testing is also looking to be a booming industry in the years to come. 1.      Click here for more information on In-Vitro-Diagnostics market research reports

For developing countries, they now have access to cheaper testing methods to diagnose infectious diseases which are far more prevalent given the living conditions. They want a bulk amount of tests to be able to support a large population, and due to building economies and foreign aid they can now afford to purchase them.


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Molecular diagnostics industry analysis

To discover where specific opportunities lie, and analyze markets in detail you don’t have to conduct the research yourself.Molecular diagnostics market research reports, including In-Vitro-Diagnostics market research reports, are available to examine market trends, forecasts, specific technologies and service-related aspects of the industry.

These research reports are comprised of data gathered by subject matter experts and can accurately predict and describe the molecular diagnostics industry market – either worldwide or by region, and either by broad scope or by specific topic, such as the worldwide report on Nucleic Acid Testing.