5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Any Wedding

How many weddings you've been to? And how many have you remembered? That's a lot simple to answer. But there may be two different reasons why you remember your friend's wedding. It would have been the best wedding because of the food, accommodation, dance performances, or the entire wedding theme. On the other hand, it would have been the biggest disaster you've ever experienced - a wedding spoiled because of any of the following reasons

" None of the guests appeared, except for close friends

" The dance floor went down in the middle of the dance

" The entire menu had gone wrong and guests had to live on drinks only

" The bride didn't show up for climax, because her makeup wore off

" Perhaps, your groom had to borrow your clothes because his dress was too tight or it wasn't delivered on time.

Each of these things has one thing in common - the lack of professionalism and responsibility from the service providers. This is the reason why people care too much about their weddings, yet many, thanks to the internet, get stuck with so-called "best wedding services in town" that tremble at the last moment.
With the help of experienced Toronto wedding photographers, www.myboundlesswedding.com, we have listed 5 most critical mistakes that could ruin your wedding easily.

1. Choosing Wrong Venues

Research and word-of-mouth marketing plays a vital role in determining suitable venue for weddings. You have to consider a lot of things before finalizing the right venue for your wedding. These questions will help though:

" Does the venue offer discount?

" Does the venue offer flexibility in terms of wedding décor?

" Does it have enough space to accommodate the number of guest you planned for, easily?

" Is there a parking space, along with wallet parking?

" What are the accessibility options for people coming in from different parts of the city?

2. Trying New Caterers

Just like the wedding venue, catering is the basic part that should be played by the caterers with loads of experience and knowledge. Giving this job to newcomers simply means putting your wedding at risk. Food is the most common factor people refer to when they talk about any wedding. So, don't take chances here.

3. Avoiding Wedding Designer

Here's the best thing to ruin your wedding - don't have a wedding theme. Wedding planners seem expensive to some, but they have a job to save you plenty of money on other stuff.

4. Getting Cheap Makeup

If you intend to save money on makeup, you might end up getting worst bridal snaps ever. If you don't want to do that, hire a professional makeup artist who understands your dress and theme of the wedding.

5. Avoiding Pros for Photography

Finally, the photography comes into question. Even though you have the best cell phone with high definition camera, you cannot get the right kind of pictures unless you're a pro. Wedding photographers Toronto know what kind of light suits your dress and makeup. They know what will please the people and how to get the best wedding pictures for you.