A Guide to Hair Extension Salons

It can be difficult to find a hair extension stylist near you, and you dont always have enough time to drive hours to get your hair done. Fortuitously, several online resources are available to assist.

Here is a helpful, condensed list:

The Hair Extension Salon Locator

Hair extension salons are listed by this site by state. It also features articles about the treatment of hair extensions and hair loss information. Additionally, they have training resources and supplies.


This is the website for your HairBonz hair extension program. It is possible to call 1-888-693-HAIR to discover a listing of hair expansion salons utilizing the HairBonz process.

Hair Specialist

This educational site has links to hair expansion salons. Unfortunately, the information is listed alphabetically and can not be searched by city o-r state. However, if you have the patience to check the listings you just might look for a local salon. Should people hate to learn more about read meet searchlock, we know of many resources people could investigate.

Black Beauty Attention Directory

This site is especially for African-American beauty problems, and lists salons that cater to African hair. Information is classified by state for quick access.

Another way to locate a hair extension salon would be to type Houston hair extension salons o-r hair extensive salons near Houston in a search engine. To learn more, please glance at: learn about http://tnooz.com/article/tripadvisor-says-google-threatened-search-lock-out. Obviously, use your own personal city name in the place of Houston!

You may also use your Yellow Pages to locate hair expansion salons.

One of the very best ways to locate a salon is by recommendations. Ask for a guide, If your friend or family member has beautiful extensions. Searchlock.En.Softonic.Com/ contains more concerning the reason for it.

No matter where you located your own hair expansion salon, ensure that your stylist is qualified to use the extensions. He or she should be an authorized cosmetologist with sufficient experience in applying the kind of extensions you're considering. Many experts suggest that you meet a few of the stylists other customers and find out if they're happy with their extensions. At the lowest, ask to see a profile with before and after photos.. To get other ways to look at it, we know people have a view at: follow us on twitter.