3 Stuff you Will like About A Labrador Retriever

OK, to be honest what isn't there to love about a lab. Have you ever owned a lab do you know what fantastic pets they create and when you haven't owned a lab previously I'm hoping this information will allow you to decide to choose a lab for your forthcoming pet.
I do think one thing I favor best about labs is their friendly nature to the people along with other dogs too. Now don't get me wrong the same as with each and every puppy it has to be socialized therefore it stays friendly mainly because it grows up. If you decide to socialize your dog properly at a young age you have to have a puppy that's wonderful with children, strange environments, other dogs and other people. It just seems like they love everybody and everything.

A labrador is ideal for the active family. You may be the type of person that likes to opt for long walks or hikes within the woods this dog is made for you. In the event you you spend lots of time around the water your dog will like to get along with you because labs love the water.
Now don't get me wrong a lab takes a great deal of exercise. In reality should you pick-up a good book it might advise that your lab must run 3 miles each day. Nobody can pull that certain off and also for the jogger he's the ideal animal to the household.
Training a lab is generally very easy. It simply seems like these folks were made for obedience and of course they've created great working dogs including hunting and then any form of detection work including drugs and arson. The Labrador retriever is really a dog that wishes to thrill.
If you wish to compete in AKC obedience trials this may be the right dog in your case because of the willing nature to perform the obedience exercises.
In reality if you've ever arrived at the county fair maybe you have seen the dogs doing the dock jumping where they actually jump from the dock and to the water. They are judged for the distance the dog can jump. In the event you enjoyed that the lab may be the perfect candidate to get you associated with that type of competition.
Now don't get me wrong a lab puppy could be a handful in fact I tell individuals who it's going to be a pup until it is more about 2 ? to a few years. However, once it matures you'll have a faithful companion that may always desire to be at your disposal.
Do not let the ebook or movie about Marley the lab scare you away, though he would have been a complete handful he still had his wonderful moments and quite a few labs are just like that. So decide to make that next dog a lab, you'll love it.

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