How To Install A High Quality Bilco Door

Considering undertaking a basement remodeling project to create more livable space? Make sure to look into basement egress requirements in your area prior to beginning your project.

Most local areas enforce specific codes when installing a basement egress window. The recent codes were put in force to be sure that residents have a safe second exit, in case of an emergency. Most old houses have very small egress windows that would not allow occupants to escape from the basement. Most were built prior to the adoption of the new codes. A bright spot to the new rules is that homeowners that don't plan to remodel their basements need not worry about the new building codes. But, homeowners who remodel the lowest level on their older home must adhere to the new codes.

There are several ways to comply with the new codes and a licensed contractor should be able to help. The two most common solutions are installing new basement window wells that increase the width of the basement window or opening the basement to include an outside basement door with stairs that allow entry to the basement from outside the home.

Increasing the size of your current egress windows is the most cost-effective option, but if you need an opening that could easily fit larger items, an exterior cellar opening could be a consideration. Make certain to check out a Bilco door for durable, steel cellar doors that come in a variety of styles to complement your home.

Lastly, if you are thinking about installing larger basement wells to your basement, think about adding a window well cover to cover the standard steel grate that comes with them. Adding window well covers is the perfect choice to prevent excess water, leaves and yard waste from clogging your window wells and ensures easier maintenance on your house. To find out additional info on home restoration check out this business.