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Studies show that glucose and sucrose provide good body fuel, while fructose has been found to commonly cause bloating and stomachache. This is a recent invention. Executive Course: A golf course which mainly has par 3 and relatively short par 4 holes is called an executive course.. Thirty-Two: A side bet for the golfers focusing on putting, with a challenge from a golfer to another for preventing a three-putt is called thirty two. There are about 27 million golfers on earth and not all of them have reached the level where they could say that they already have perfected their swings. Ball Marker: This object is used to mark the spot where the ball is lifted on the putting green. Picking the best golf net for your home is a dangerous business. Flex: Flex is the rating of the ability of shaft to bend while the golf club is being swung. Bags with wheels are the most practical and easy to use. Many golf courses will have practice areas to work on your short pitches just like you would work on your long shots at the driving range. This is great news for anyone in the north who wants to continue working on their game during the cold, winter months. The penalty is a loss of hole in match play or a 2 shot penalty in stroke play. For instance, Kick Left or Kick Right. A golfer holing a shot from off the green, wins by default. incontri adulti