How to Prevent Car Theft

4 Simple Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Car Theft It can be worrying for those who are now living in dangerous area because today there are a lot of experienced thieves who is able to easily steal your car, even just in less than a minute. Therefore, you have to know the many methods for protecting your property. At this time, this information is planning to provide you with some best ideas to have car theft protection to help you minimize the opportunity (source) for your theft to steal your car or other properties. In 2006, Las Vegas was recorded since the No.1 hotspot for car theft in the US by way of a report in the National Insurance Crime Bureau and many drivers without theft cover would have been playing a hefty bill to cover the price of injury or replacement where the vehicle was wiped off on account of malicious damage or fire. Recent reports have demostrated that in Las Vegas, Nevada, your car is potentially more likely to be stolen whether its relatively old ie. more than ten years old. The National Insurance Crime Bureau releases a "Hot Wheels" annual report that statistics for care crime at state and national levels. The second thing is always to keep your valuables inside hidden area within your car. It would be better in case you consider purchasing removable stereo face so as to keep within your trunk as well as to carry together with you. Besides, it is also important for that you consider about purchasing a visible mechanical locking devices for locking the controls plus the auto theft alarm system. Additionally, you should install the locking lug nuts for preventing your custom wheels as well as for mounted spare tire from being stolen externally. Having valuable objects stolen from a car can be prevented. Some thieves are looking for stereo equipment, iPods, CDs, wallets and even the excess change in your cup holders. Keeping these things visible only entices a would-be thief to try to drive them. The best preventative measure to discourage a break-in is usually to take all valuable items together with you if you leave your vehicle. Items that you cannot take with you should a minimum of make an effort to hide or cover. Thieves know where you should look for valuables, much like the glove compartment or perhaps the center console, so its always a good idea to remove any valuable items once you leave your car. Also, wires and cables to have an MP3 device or other equipment indicate that something worthwhile might be hidden in a car. Dont attract crime leave them in plain sight, either. Indeed, if the car horn beeped twice around 2AM, my lady woke me up from my slumber and asked about to see our car. I casually peeked right out of the front window and saw none. I returned and told my partner about no-one being seen outside so we thought the vehicle alarm has been tripped by the cat. We didnt know about the incident till the security guard woke us up at 3.30AM and reported. We were shocked. Our casual approach to our car security could have cost us the automobile.