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Pink Mobile Phones Attracting The Attention Of the Female Population Ever since the iPod arrived in 2001 it has made Apple get to be the most popular make of portable music player. Every year Has seen no less than one new generation or style of iPod for example the shuffle, the classic, the mini, along with the Nano. Each generation has brought new features and much more memory to fit more music and videos on the devices. This is made people want to constantly upgrade to the latest model which includes developed a load of unwanted iPods. The LG GT540 is known to use a three inch wide TFT touchscreen. This screen will likely be supporting up to 256000 colors with an amazing display. The resolution with the display screen is approximately more than 200 and twenty by 400 and eighty pixels. There is an accelerometer to the support in the screen which can easily rotate the screen from portrait view to landscape view. This is incredibly beneficial for viewing web pages and then for getting referrals. The shape with this phone is very curvy and possesses curved top and bottom. This phone will come in three shades namely black, white and pink. There are physical programs and software based ones. I always advise that you are going using the latter as they are simpler to use and are a lot more dependable. The method in which it really works is simple: you set this software on the phone, then it will relay all the information to you over the internet. You will see where they are (GPS data) streaming in, and you can literally obtain them over a map. The other things is well accessed through this system and you may "explore" the product to see all the logs, including all messaging they sent and received and phone calls made. This handset is also exquisitely designed so much so that youd feel proud of possessing cellular phone as your own. Its lightness in weight and color will add for a popularity as being a an affiliate work. You would definitely want this cellphone since it forces you to feel special. The widget provides you with 5-mega pixels camera and a lot of flawless features. It features LED Flash, Auto Focus, click here Camera Capture Key, Camera Settings and Photo Geo Tagging. It can take shots with 2592 x1994 pixels and contains second camera too which allows the users to relish a 3G video calling. LG GT500 also supports video functions that allow to record video.