Eating Paleo: basic nutrition

The paleo diet is that of hunter-gatherers. Thus, it's made up of all that our ancestors could hunt and gather.

Paleo eating is eating critters
Creatures of the world (red meat, fowl, eggs) and water creatures (fish, seafood).
Like us, these animals must have resided paleo. The quality of their meat is a reflection of their lives, how they moved and ate. As we are not adapted to eating grains, cattle aren't either, plus it is best to concentrate those who have had their fodder.
Think salmon that is muscle back its torrent and the one that turns around in the pool, which will have the best meat? Believe the pecking, as well as confined chicken battery which will generate a better egg?
Quality is an essential question.

Vegetables are at will. Minerals and waterlogged, vitamins, favor steaming or raw consumption. This is simply not as far as we'll be giving a good ratatouille residence.
The quality is something important. As for meat, the selection criteria are texture and the taste of the food. This really is essential. By eating Paleo, you return to uncooked foods without sweeteners. It's necessary they have good taste to give and value the meaning to your action (and yes a tomato can have flavor, you can also locate your favourite high surface).
Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries ...) are favored. You may also eat apples (don't restrict yourself to the gold, other assortments will amaze your taste buds, evaluation), apricots, oranges, kiwi and general all fairly sweet fruit.
The fruits are very sweet taste to eat in moderation (don't fill up on a dozen bananas a day)
Rather consume the whole fruit (the smoothie house is one) rather than its juice (beware of bottles sold 100% juice with extra sugar, still, nothing beats a homemade juice you chosen fruits)

Paleo eating is eating good fats
It's to get a fat consumption with a great omega3 / omega6. Omega 3 is principally provided by meat.
Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, avocado, olives, many products supplying good fats, eat in moderate numbers.
For seasoning and paleo desserts, hazelnuts and coconut, almond butter and olive oil are excellent.
To summarize, you can take a look at the Paleo food pyramid.
This really isn't paleo
Any sweet product
any dairy product
Whole grain: soy, wheat, maize, rice and their derivatives: flour, pasta, cakes, bread, bun
any industrial product (comprising real or fake sugar, salt, soy, gluten), pop, prepared food, junk food, chips ... the list is endless.
That the rigorous sense paleo diet.
It looks challenging?
Is there a food that you could not live without?