How to Clean Marble Stone Countertops

Do you have confusion of cleaning your marble stone countertops? Marble stone countertops can supply you an unique colors, veining, markings and effect for home decoration. While following are some good tips for you to clean your marble stone countertops.

  1. wipe up the spills right now! To some extent, marble stone is porous, so sometimes the liquid can be absorbed. Especially acid food and water will do harm to the surface easily.
  2. remember to wipe the surface in regular time for dust, dirt and some oil smoke can leave on the surface.
  3. do not use the cleaners with harsh and abrasive chemicals, which will damage the surface , leaving a white haze. So you should choose the right cleaners.
  4. do not put the heat pot on the surface although the marble stone countertops are resistant to heat. Prevention is right. You can use a pad when you want to put the hot pot on the surface.

Well it is easy to clean your marble stone countertops, just paying attention to some little details.

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