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Live Transfer Leads Generation Tip - Organize Your Live Transfer Pitch -
Live Transfer Leads really need to have an organized pitch. I love when client's take my advice about organizing their pitch. I have so many clients who say "thanks, but I got it." I then listen to the recordings to see how they are doing and get a couple good laughs. In this day and age, the know it all's have to step aside and eat some humble pie. There are many things we can learn from each other. As soon as you realize I am here to help make you more successful, the better chance you will make some deals. Here is a basic pitch to take a live transfer divided into 5 sections. All you need to do is applying your business toward it

1. Greeting: Taking a live transfer, you need to automatically Thank them for transferring. Identify yourself and ask who your speaking to. This will let you take control of the call. Saying "How may I help you?" gives them to much control. Make sure to start up a .doc.

2. Pre-Qual: Here is where you see if someone is worthy of your pitch. You need to make sure they can qualify so get out those questions, write them out on your .doc. Also, mix in some information gathering questions in there too.

3. The Pitch: This is where you build value to your product or service. You need to go over the benefits of your product or service, why thus consumer or business wants to do business with you. You need to know what the prospects hot button is. A good way to start this section is "What motivated you to transfer to me today?" It's a good way to remind them of the emotion that they felt prior. Right there, you should get the hot button. Up play the features that goes around that hot button. You really should know all of your product or services hot buttons. Have a different direction for each of those on your pitch. Include them all in your doc.

4. The Close: ABC, Always be closing. I don't remember where I heard that from but it stuck with me. I always feel it is important to give a choice of products or services, not just a yes or no. Most people will just say no. My kid says it everyday, so do I. What makes you think you are different. I ask my child, do you want the squeezy pouch or the fruit cup. 9 time out of 10, he chooses one. I love this approach. What you should do is have 2 packages. An A and B choice. Sometimes even go further and tell them which one they should take. "Do you think the smaller one would be best for you?" Saying this knowing that you don't care which package they take as long as they take one of them. Write these all down on your .doc

5. You really need to take the time to do this.