Global Real Estate Trend - 2015

The Urban Land Institute jointly with PwC creates the annual report with the Emerging Trends in solid Estate in America, Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe. Further, these reports are generated by in-depth analysis, surveys and interviews with all the leading realty professionals globally.

In the past, these reports are believed because key indicators for property developers to determine the realty growth in their respective countries. From the Emerging Trends in actual Estate 2015 report, the realty insights of the regions worldwide are revealed. The report also highlights the real estate development and relevant investment trends for the future.

Following are the reports with the regions globally;

Asia Pacific

Irrespective of the tough economy in the past year 2015, it truly is expected how the property market will always be robust. That is on account of increasing capital flow into your real estate investment industry by various investment sources (both international and domestic). As per the Emerging Trends in tangible Estate Asia Pacific 2015 report, Japan remains to be the most preferred country for investment. Money city Tokyo ranked first and Osaka ranked third with regard to development prospects and investment for the upcoming year.

The report also reveals how the logistic industry in Asia may be playing the major role in booming the commercial real estate sector. The most important countries which are witnessing a great commercial development through the impact of logistics include Japan, Singapore and China.

Apart from commercial, the demand is additionally high to the homes in Asia on account of increasing automobile industries and yes it developments within the past several years. Further, the China have been targeted from the IT and commercial bigwigs throughout the world to advance their development units back then into the future.

United States

In accordance with Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015, the property market of the usa is predicted for being strong and work well throughout 2015. The domestic and global investors will demonstrate to a great desire for buying a property in the usa, since they could possibly get the higher return of capital later on. The foremost component that definitely makes the US stand out from other regions is its improving fundamentals.


That year 2015, it truly is expected that Europe's real estate property industry is often more lucrative and busier in 2015 despite its economic conditions and fundamentals, says the report. The main cause for optimistic expectation would be the accessibility to capital. Also, the interviewees and respondents of Emerging Trends Europe's survey anticipate a rise both secondary and prime values as a result of greater liquidity.


Africa continues to be targeted highly through the developers and investors, since they consider African real estate property is amongst the key emerging markets. The important thing factors that drive the home market of Africa include demographic shifts and modifications in consumer behavior inside today's world. These reasons have encouraged the global investors to go in various markets in the region.

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