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After a tiring labor time, his happiness was resting next to a small four-legged friend around.

Between prosperous urban, it seemed nearly impossible to find moments to feel relaxed, happy. But there are things simple happiness remain in existence somewhere, but lead shocker review when caught, you suddenly feel relieved and incredibly warm.

As a photograph titled "Happy little old man car repairs" being spread netizens strongly within the last hours. Shown is the scene an old man poor car repairs, clothes dirty dirty, tired face nap on the roadside small piece of furniture. Beside him was a small dog is sleeping soundly, femoral head project point review hung over the old man.

"Photos" old man Happy small car repairs "

The owner deprivation but still take care of your dog, dressed and sitting high chair as a partner. You Tu Nguyen, owner of the photo sharing: "Late pump stopped car, the other brother also jumped into his smell. Just hand it to the touch the head, then his eyes rolled up to look through. Fear always, just look cute during sleep. Dog owners do not blame poor. "

The image is a forum posting and quickly absorb nearly hundred thousand likes and comments. Most books were touching and ... soothing to behold a ravishing and warm moments around like this, between two people you're relying on each other between busy Saigon.

Macro image of sensational old man and a dog.

You Bich Ngoc commented: "Seeing the emotion of aged man and his dog, but just see his eyes stinging. Their elderly or lonely, sometimes dogs just elected you. He was injured again and take my dog ‚Äč‚Äčlike that while themselves still require earn pennies everyday. Somewhere in life remain the loving hearts beautiful too ".

Facebooker Nguyen Duong also added: "In the morning run in Saigon have walked passed this dog. Recognize it for what it wearing clothes. Now review found injured too. How poor owners also tried to take good dog, but a dog is never give up and go habitat. Gratitude sometimes like mere alone half inch.

Many netizens could not hide emotion when viewing the graphic.

Reportedly, the man and his dog daily earning on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai (Q3. City). Some netizens kindly offered to help the man and dog, but some sufferers do not agree. Nickname Nguyenn Tung commented: "I just liked image quality so idyllic life only. You can if you in order to be help, then notice the old man selling car repairs or some different supported. Their lives are peaceful, do not disturb or upset it up within.

Photos should make one think to photograph "blind dog in his basket shoeshine dumb" brought about a stir web 2 . 0 before. Simply it's the most simple happiness makes people temporarily forget the daily struggle, make people more confident in humanity and love over the city in which one lives.