Transforming the exterior of your home

When it comes to the outside of your home its sometimes difficult to know where to start, not just the fact the you might have a driveway, front garden, side paths, rear patio, lawns and fencing all needing regular maintenance to keep them looking tip top!

In this article am going to focus on some of the more long lasting and maintenance free products you cam implement and transform your outdoor space.

The driveway

The best products out there for you driveway is arguably block paving; block paving and other forms of driveway paving are exceptionally durable so you will hopefully doing this only once! Because of this you really want to get a driveway you love as well as a driveway you can afford. Some really popular driveways in Newcastle which is where I live are beamish cobble block paving, available in a number of colours and is definitely a step up from standard block paving in the North East. As far as I can see you will need a proper block paving company or driveway contractor to install as its definitely not a DIY job.

I also found a website of real interest that say once these driveways start to get older you can have them restored relatively cheaply using a process of driveway cleaning and sealing the paving which has fantastic results! Good to know.

The Gardens

If youre a keen gardener this is the enjoyable part, if youre not then read carefully! Experienced gardeners love gardening and have all there own styles going on producing wonderful gardens. However if your like me and have no idea then you need to go with the professional maintenance free look. This could involve a number of different Recommended patio paving stones or gravel chippings or bark. Some of the professional patios in the North East are to die for and simply require no maintenance, once laid job done. A patio garden in Newcastle doesnt get a whole load of sun but is still a perfect place to relax! You dont want too much patio paving though or it will start to look a bit too much if it was all flagged or slabs. Obviously you would have lawns and grass also, unless you hated cutting the lawn then artificial grass is for you, Artificial grass in North East has took off so much I am seeing adverts for it everywhere, some people turn their noses up at synthetic turf or fake grass, but not me. It looks so realistic, pet friendly, and no maintenance. Perfect.

Protecting Your Purchase

Everyone has a driveway or patio garden installed and immediately thinks it finished, but this is not true. Intelligent people look into protecting their investment so they can enjoy the benefits for longer.

Sealing a driveway or sealing a patio, will be a huge benefit in the long run, reducing driveway cleaning, weeds, moss and algae and protecting the precious colours in the stones form sunlight fading and frost etc. Well worth looking into.

Well thats my thoughts on the subject of gardens hope you enjoyed reading.