Matt Cutts Says

Matt Cutts Says

1) About Pagerank

274 pages found in that note the term Pagerank. Thats not unusual since Matt works at Google, the creator of Pagerank. M...

We all know Matt Cutts, the in( popular) Google Spam Hunter, from his website at During the time of writing this, his blog has over a 1000 pages indexed in Google. A lot of information regarding Google is to be found there. Here are some of the interesting items that Matt Cutts says:

1) About Pagerank

274 pages listed in that mention the word Pagerank. Thats not strange because Matt works at Google, the creator of Pagerank. Matt says that: PageRank is computed repeatedly Thats perhaps not the pagerank you see-in the toolbar, however the pagerank Google uses inside their formulas. He also said in still another article the toolbar PR gets updated just once every a few month-to discourage PR predators.

2) About Link creating

Only 66 pages indexed that mention the term link creating. Matt says: Linkbaiting sounds-like a bad thing, but especially if its interesting information or enjoyment, it doesnt need to have negative connotations. I hereby declare that content may be both white-hat and though be wonderful trap for links. Linkbaiting is of course a good advertising technique that may get a site a large amount of links in a short time. To check up more, please have a glance at: And Matt seems to want it as a marketing strategy.

3) About Spam

749 pages indexed that mention the term spam. Not too strange considering he's the chief spam hunter of Google. H-e says: In 2006, I assume Google to pay for much more awareness of junk in other languages, whether German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, or any other language. In the event you require to get further on, there are many online libraries you could pursue. Well, thats a fantastic purpose, Matt, but you failed significantly! Doesnt mean you actually got that a whole lot more junk in other languages, just because you found Mercedes and BMW. Check Out Doctor.Webmd.Com/Doctor/Andy Fine Md C707ee95 578f 4090 A432 A14292ebedce Overview includes more about the inner workings of this thing. Theres still a great deal of easy junk to be found in several languages. Hidden text being the most obvious form of spam used.

4) About The Strong and W tags

Actually he said this in one of his movies. For more information, we understand people check-out: Google treats the strong tag and the tag a similar. Quite simply, if you spend time o-n changing all your M tags into strong tags, hoping it will get you some higher ranks, then youre wasting your time. At the very least so far as the Google search engine can be involved.

5) About Click Fraude

64 pages indexed for the expression click-fraud. The most crucial one being about what Shuman and Andy Beal have to say about it. Actually Matt didnt say much about click fraud because article, but its clear why h-e brought it up. Key conclusion here is the fact that click fraud isn't some thing to really bother about when youre using AdWords.

6) Matts Personal Category

Matt loves Halloween, his personally type is full of images of his costumes of the last couple of years. He also loves his wife, particularly when shes not home because then he can make videos, and fuss with his hard disks (hes got dozens of them ) Interesting note: Since he started his blog, his wife has been out of town at least 8 times (search for: 'my wife is out of town'