Sleep – Apnea - What - You - May - Not - Know - The - Hidden - Illness

In Conclusion

I have completed my first week of CPAP Therapy and am happy to report that my energy is returning. I am no longer depressed. My future looks bright and I couldn't be more excited and positive. My energy increases with every new day.

So what have you learned from my story? How can you become educated and learn about Sleep Apnea The Hidden Illness and Symptoms? Start by learning all you can about this disorder. KNOW what the symptoms are.

See a Doctor if you suspect you might have Sleep Apnea.

Trust yourself. You know your own body.

Dont give your power away

Take responsibility for finding a diagnoses

Dont listen to others opinions.

Be patient with yourself.

Honor your body

You can't be too informed. Become educated and learn what the symptoms are for Sleep Apnea. A complete and informative hub on Sleep Apnea is available here.

Sweet Dreams

Note: Everyone is different and experiences different symptoms. For some, the symptoms are barely noticeable and for others they are more pronounced. My story is an honest account of how Sleep Apnea affected me. It is not meant to bring anyone anxiety or the intention of making a diagnosis. Always visit your Doctor first.

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