Tips for a Successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Day #5 The edema in Cap's feet is gone. He, along with assistance from his coach took his first post-surgery shower using the bedside commode for stability. He still has manageable pain and is taking Percocet every 6 hours. His knee bend is at 100* on the CPM.

Day #6 CPM Knee Bend is 105*

One week ago Dave had his Total Knee Replacement. We were supposed to have the traveling nurse here this morning, but wires were crossed. So instead of the nurse removing Cap's dressing from the surgical site, Coach Sunshine did. His scar looks amazing! We are both in awe of the talents of Dr Sean McFadden.

We then went to the hospital for labs. His hemoglobin is 9.1, it was 8.6 when we were discharged. This is good news. His platelets are 170 and Hematocrit is at 28. It's hard to believe it's only been a week since surgery, but so far, so good! We also visited with some of the team from the Orthopedic Floor at Florida East. They were all pleased with his ongoing progress.

Day #10 Knee Bend is 110* on the CPM. Way to go Cap! Knee swelling is beginning to subside.

Day #11 First post-op visit with Dr. McFadden and Dr. Clay. All went well. Xrays were taken. Dr. McFadden is pleased with Cap's progress. He has 2 more weeks of Home Therapy and then 8 weeks of Outpatient Therapy. We shared a few laughs and we once again thanked Team Cap for a job well done.

Day #14 CPM Knee Bend is at 120. Pain is minimal and manageable with Percocet taken as needed.

Day #19 Cap has traded in his walker for a cane. He took a walk outdoors and was tempted to jump for joy, but he refrained :)

Day #21 Outpatient Physical Therapy has begun. Knee Bend is 118*. Minimal pain. All's well in the world of Cap's Total Knee Replacement.

Update Sept. 10 - Dave has graduated from outpatient physical therapy after 5 weeks, which is earlier than most patients. Cap is in excellent shape with a 135* bend and his knee is flat to the surface while laying down, at 0%. Between outpatient therapy twice a week and working out at home every day (I don't believe in a day off from exercise) he has healed well and is now a leisurely pace. No running yet.

Dave also received clearance from Dr. Sean McFadden, his surgeon. People continue to marvel at the site of Cap's knee surgery. The scar is minimal. In my opinion it's flawless. Kudos to the best orthopedic surgeon at Florida Hospital East Orlando (and Central Florida).

We also learned that patients who have joint replacement surgery are at risk for developing infections of the implanted joints. Due to this, pre-meds are needed before a dental cleaning or any dental work for at least two years. Be sure and mention this to your dentist. Once bacteria that has traveled through the bloodstream find implanted joints, the body's immune system has a difficult time fighting the infection.

I am proud and impressed with Team Cap. I hope that everyone who requires a total knee replacement has the type of team that Cap had.

One day at a time...