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We invest around 1/three of our life in bed. Since we commit so much of our life sleeping on our mattresses we should make confident that they are as healthier as feasible.

Unfortunately there are no government organizations out there telling the reality about mattress security and wellness. It is up to informed citizens to get the phrase out among by themselves.
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Why Is your Memory Foam Mattress Harmful?
The basic answer is that memory foam is created of urethane foam (a petroleum solution) which emits risky organic compounds (voc) from the time it is manufactured to the time it is tossed in the landfill. This procedure is normally called mattress off gassing or at times out gassing. If this appears peculiar to you just feel about how a new car smells. That scent is created by all the new plastic components and all the foam seat cushioning and so on.

I know we all love that new car smell but it is off gassing and it is not excellent for you. I digress.

These off gassing VOCs are practically nothing far more than unstable chemical substances which evaporate off the surface area of any quantity of home items. Common resources of VOCs are paints, home furniture made of produced wooden, cushions, plastic products, and numerous a lot more.

How Are Memory Foam Mattresses Undesirable For Your Health

These VOCs are not all the exact same it is sort of a team of compounds that are all unstable. Some are far more hazardous than other people. That being stated you want to avoid all VOCs if possible. Lab assessments have shown some of these chemical substances to trigger allergic response, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory irritation, and other overall health troubles.

A single of the most visible symptoms of sleeping on a poisonous memory foam mattress is receiving a headache. This most usually takes place when the memory foam mattress is new, simply because new mattresses release far more VOCs than aged mattresses.

Which Memory Foam Mattresses Are Non-Poisonous
However all memory foam mattresses are manufactured out of the same things. The recipe adjustments a little bit from organization to organization but they have the very same raw supplies and they all off gasoline toxic chemical substances. So to solution the issue from the title of this write-up "Is your memory foam mattress harmful," indeed your memory foam mattress is toxic.

What Mattress Kinds Are Non-Toxic
Quite handful of mattresses created nowadays are free of charge of urethane foam. Innerspring mattresses, air mattresses, and even drinking water beds typically have one particular or numerous levels of urethane foam will off gas toxic substances. The only mattress variety that is free of off gassing components is 100% organic latex foam. These mattresses if made of pure latex foam will not off gasoline at all.