Kitesurfing Boards - What is a Boards Rocker Line and What Change Does it Make?

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If you keep any kitesurfing boards horizontally in front of you (aspect profile watch) the rocker is the line of curve you will see functioning from idea to tip of the board.

Rocker is provided in kitesurfing boards to aid with:

a smoother ride
Rocker helps with turning mainly because it lets you to move your centre of gravity close to on the kitesurfing board, move your centre of gravity to the again of the board and the entrance of the board will increase out of the drinking water, this decreases the wetted place and implies that when you want to switch the pivot place of the board is further back again (owing to there remaining considerably less board in the h6o at the entrance) and thus the board turns far more effortlessly and quickly.

Smoother Experience
Rocker makes it possible for kitesurfing boards to the natural way tilt again and forth when using in waves. A board with no rocker (ie a flat board) will are likely to ride straight about the wave and then slap down on the again of the wave wave when the front of the board turns into heavier than the back of the board. A board with rocker will roll back on its rocker as it heads ups the wave and then rock back again down on to the front of the board as it will come down the wave hence cushioning the impression and supplying a smoother journey.

So while a board with rocker will switch a lot easier for the reason that of its rocker it might be more durable to maintain going in a straight line, this is simply because the drinking water will cling to the condition of the rocker profile and obviously begin to flip the board in that route, the board is also a great deal far more likely to abruptly lose grip because of the form of the board in the drinking water.

In a nutshell (and simplifying tremendously!) rocker will help your board to transform and give you a smoother experience but much too much rocker will make your board tricky to journey in a straight line and give you a lot less grip in the drinking water.

Sam Visitor is an IKO Kitesurf Head Teacher and Kitesurfing Faculty Operator currently doing the job in Tarifa, Spain. He has 10 decades expertise operating in the water sporting activities business and has a passion for everyday living, the ocean and assisting folks get the most out of what they've got.