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Materials Used to Make Motorcycle Apparel Not crazy for leather? Motorcycle apparel made with modern synthetic fabrics, such as Cordura and Kevlar, offers adequate crash and slide protection for many riders, moncler men jacketsas well as a few other advantages. For example, synthetic apparel provides fashion as moncler men coats well as function. It's often stylish and brightly colored with reflector strips to enhance visibility. In addition, the fabrics are lighter in weight and have a zipout lining to adapt to climate changes. Special airflow fabrics keep you cool when the sun's hot.

Speaking of weather, many synthetics are waterresistant, which eliminates the need for special rain gear. And most are machinewashable, saving you a trip to the dry cleaner. Be sure to check the garment label for washing instructions, because some detergents can damage the waterproof qualities. Riders can wear synthetic suits over regular clothes, so if you use your motorcycle to commute to the office, changing is easy. On the down side, synthetics won't last as long as leather and don't wear as wel, either. Fabric colors can also fade, giving you a washedout look.

Although definitely not recommended, moncler women jacketsyou often see motorcycle riders wearing denim. moncler women coats The ubiquitous material offers little protection and isn't resistant to the abrasive forces in an accident. If you get caught in the rain, denim takes a long time to dry.

If you do insist on wearing denim, there are a couple ways to increase your protection. Leather chaps worn over your jeans will help, although open areas are still at risk for injury. Kevlarlined jeans offer better protection. They come in a variety moncler men vestsof styles and offer a comfortable fit, with the lining moncler women vests specifically positioned to keep skin safe in the event of a crash.