Knowledge The World Wide Web

Everyday we log-on and enter this strange online world called the web. Now many of us think that the Internet and web are the same, but they are not exactly the same thing, though they're related. The Web or the Net even as we all call it now, is an international system of inter-connected computer net-works. I-t transmits information using the Internet protocol. The net has many systems all linked together, undertaking many functions. These functions could be as different as mail or pages of information, or even on the web chat. The Net is a read-write information space. It has methods like text documents, pictures and multimedia.

It is interesting to find out the way the web works. A web browser will be used by anyone accessing the web like the Ie or Mozilla Firefox and the hypertext link to the page or resource is keyed in. The address would read like this' This address is given by the world wide, distributed Internet database known as the Domain-name System or DNS. We discovered by browsing books in the library. To make this noise easier, in the above case, the handle of the server is `` and there, a request to view mypage is being made. Be taught extra resources on by navigating to our tasteful portfolio. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol helps in accessing the server. The DNS then becomes all this into an individualized IP or Internet Protocol address. This can seem like a phone number with four numbers between 0 and 255. The Ip Address is just a process setup by the Internet to find a machine anywhere on earth. The truth is once the IP address is known, the server could be located through the ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Once the IP address is reached, the web site and all its content becomes open to the user. Nearly immediately the html or hypertext markup language code is repaid and the text and graphics can be found for the browser. This occurs rapidly, getting just a couple of seconds, helping us maximize optimum utilization of the web.

If things do not go as planned, the person can get an error message stating 'the page can not be shown.' This could mean that there's one in the server name or the site being looked for does not exist. Sometimes the server may be active or the page being searched has moved. It's best to follow the directions given and continue. To discover more, we recommend you check out: copyright.

All this sounds very simple, but there's high degree of sophistication in the alternatives and programming provided by a web-page today. The credit for planning the idea of the net goes to Tim Berners-Lee, when he developed the 'ENQUIRE.' On August 6, 1991, he submitted a short overview of the World Wide Web challenge on the newsgroup, utilizing the concept of HTML. This was the introduction of the Web as something online. He used the thought of links to the Internet. This meant that the net became a build up of pages that might be accessed by clicking on links. Today we've gained so much using this new communication system which makes the planet so much smaller than before and has linked its many peoples as no other means could have ever done..