Martial Arts And The Belt System

For many individuals in the western world, once they hear martial arts, they visualize the colored belts. They all know the belts are utilized to determine ranking but that's about all they know. Many people don't know which color is the highest rank or the lowest ranking. Naturally, those who take martial arts are very familiar with the colors and how they rank. When individuals see the color of your belt, they'll know how much you understand about that certain martial art style.

For many centuries, the color of the belt has been used to suggest rank in martial arts. The belt system began in Japan by the creator of Kodokan Judo, Jigoro Kano, to allow him to rank his own students. He did this to separate his students, only allowing the participation of the activities that matched the color of the belt. This stopped people who were not ready to compete with individuals who were far more advanced. It became so effective that it was adapted into other types of martial arts and more colors were added. Now, any person studying a martial art will have a good idea on how competent and knowledgeable another student is. Other kinds, such as Karate, Taekwondo, and others began using this system, also. mma training for kids

As not all schools within martial arts have exactly the same requirements, the color of the belt could mean something quite different from one school to the next. This is true for anything as standards can be different from one place to the next. This can easily cause confusion, when schools are teaching the same form of martial arts, but to obtain a certain ranking, one school might use different requirements than another school. You can see this occurring when a black belt student from one school is not qualified to be a black belt in another. Most schools try to stick to the same criteria, but there are always some who want to incorporate their own style to be unique.

Just a handful of martial arts, like Shootfighting, do not use any belt system. Martial arts that mainly center on self defense tend to not use a belt or ranking system at all. Yet another type which doesn't use belts is Pitfighting, and it is also used for learning how to protect yourself.

The system of belts is a good invention to martial arts. It's a good way for teachers to see how well their school is progressing and it gives students a goal to attain. Every student would like to achieve black belt but it can take many years to achieve it. With a belt system, a student is able to see how they are working up the rankings and will know not to miss steps. The great thing is that you will not move forward until you've mastered a level.