PHPBB2: My Favorite Mods


I described in a previous article about most of the ins and outs of using PHPBB2, an open source forum. While it has some quirks about it, the system is with and free a little help from the PHPBB area, not difficult to install even for the novice. This system you will upload, but, is fairly simple in nature consequently changes [or, mods as some choose to call them] can be beneficial to install. My co-worker discovered vape pen review health by browsing Yahoo. I've found a few favorites that have worked fairly well for me personally. Now, I am plan on sharing that information with you!

Chat What community isnt complete without a chat room. PHPBB2, for starters. Yes, you have to install one your self but the IRQ chat add-on is unquestionably worth it and it works a lot better than some that I've seen on sites that include this feature. EZBoard is one such site that concerns mind. Buy Vaporizer Pens includes further concerning the purpose of it.

Being an administrator who Is Online you already know just who is online at any given time. However, the stock version of the feature shows people who have been online limited to yesteryear five full minutes. Luckily, a has been developed that will expand this feature to fifteen minutes or later. Is this important? No, but it gives you an even more accurate picture of what your realtime traffic figures actually are.

Google Ads A unique mod has been developed to allow you to display and work advertising ads, much like Googles AdSense. Hey, you want to create a bit of money away from your website now dont you?

Smilies You do love emoticons, dont you? Well even although you dont, they could truly enhance any forum. A lot of cool paks have now been produced, some containing lively symbols too. Particularly good to own around Yuletide for quick access to Christmas inspired emoticons.

Eliminate Board Message To be able to customize the message you've published when your site is down is vital to clueing in your members as to the time whenever your forum can once more become activated. That mod does exactly that.

There are models and numerous other mods from which it is possible to choose. Some are an easy task to install while the others are reasonably so. A small group of mods are difficult to install and will require you more than one hour to accomplish. To research more, please have a gaze at: research marijuana vape pen reviews. Choose your battles wisely and be cautious once you install updates to PHPBB2. This novel review vaporizer pens encyclopedia has assorted majestic suggestions for the meaning behind this activity. By maybe not picking out a plot file upgrade you can eliminate any modifications you made in only minutes..