Effects of Corruption in Education

hello Everyone,

                          As we know this corruption is such a viral infection which is spread all over, especially in our country- 'INDIA'. We are a still a developing nation just because of this corruption. Todayv i wanna discuss one if the field which is affected. As i am a student our educational system is still not developed. Still the donation system is available duration admission. If that particular students wants to get admitted in a specific college/school he/she must work hard to acheive it to get admitted.          

                         If we are giving donations to any institute then we are supporting them if we see from one side. In past they are taking in thousand's and now they need in lac's. With his we are supporting them.

                        Due to this, the students who are suppose to workhard and take privilege of such things name it as a 'timepass'. They will never value this thing because they hadn't done any efforts to be a that place.

(This is my first blog. If i had written something wrong please let me know)