Standoff couple in Duluth involved SWAT

A couple who signage and display lost their home to foreclosure ended up in a standoff with Duluth SWAT team when they refused to leave which once was their home. The Grabers felt they had it standoff systems all, they were living the American Dream. The owned their home for more than a decade.

Howard Grabers suffered a stroke and that's when everything changed for them forever. On Wednesday the Gwinnett County Police went to the Grabers Davenport Lane home to serve an eviction noticed after the bank foreclosed on the home. It turned into a four hour standoff and SWAT Team had to be called in. I was afraid for my disabled husband and afraid for my life said Noya Lee Grabers, There was no way I was going through the front door. Police eventually stormed the house and Howard Graber spent the night in Jail. Noya Grabers say she kept hearing them say Taser her Taser her.I was tasered right in the stomach said Noya Grabers. Thanks to friends the Grabers have been living in a hotel room.