Children suffering from a cold, fever, which symptoms should be promptly sent to the hospital?

Summer temperatures continue to rise, due to the heat to the outpatient department of Pediatrics, the children also continue to increase, with children under 5 years of age. air max The common causes of fever were respiratory tract, digestive tract disease and some infectious diseases in summer, and outdoor activity time, etc.. So, parents should how to correct it?

Some parents see the child has a fever, no matter how much temperature, you quickly go to the hospital, even after the body temperature is not conducive to the diagnosis of the doctor, with the drug does not give the child to eat, in fact, this is very wrong. If the temperature is more than 38.5 degrees, air max schweiz especially home far away from the hospital or traffic is not convenient, should first give children eat antipyretics (but with a history of febrile seizure children should be more aggressive treatment of fever, prevent the occurrence of seizures), until the temperature dropped after sending the hospital. Because the weather is hot, parents holding a child, the heat is not easy to send out, will further increase the body temperature, in the way it is easy to take a high fever caused by high fever, resulting in dangerous.

Usually, the body temperature is not more than 38.5 degrees can be physical cooling, such as the clothes, bags, and the child with warm water to rub the body, etc.. A child has a fever, body moisture loss increase, easy to dehydration. Therefore, to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables; air max 90 When sweating too much, it is best to drink salt water to add electrolyte. Not only can prevent the child from dehydration, helps to reduce body temperature, sweating and urination. During the fever to provide light, nutritious digestible liquid or semi liquid diet.

For newborns, fever is generally not defervescent. The infant child loosen, feed some water, a warm bath, the temperature will drop to normal in general. Due to poor neonatal resistance, the disease changes quickly, if the child fever, with the spirit of poor, refused to milk, should immediately hold the children to visit, nike free so as not to delay the disease. In addition, the child fever can not cover, otherwise heat dissipation is difficult, will only make the body temperature increased, causing high fever convulsions, sudden generalized convulsions with loss of consciousness or incontinence. When children are hot, but also to pay attention to the temperature and humidity around the environment. Room temperature at 26 for appropriate, but also pay attention to the air circulation in the room.

Children suffering from a cold, fever, which symptoms should be promptly sent to the hospital?

1. Fever above 39.5 ℃.

2. Children can not drink water, or convulsions.

3. The spirit of poor children, drowsiness, or difficult to wake up.

4. Throat song when children have asthma breathe.

5. After the cold children breath accelerate (2 months following the baby breaths per minute is greater than or equal to 60 times, 2 months to 1 year old child breaths per minute is equal to or more than 50 times,nike free schweiz 1 ~ 4-year-old children breaths per minute more than or equal to 40 times) may cause mild pneumonia.

6. Children breathe faster and chest depression (referring to the lower chest wall impressed children breathe, this is due to poor lung tissue elasticity, inspiratory effort caused by; if the child aspirated when only intercostal or above the clavicle soft tissue invagination, not in depression). This feature shows that the child has been in a more obvious breathing difficulties, may be severe pneumonia.