Lamonte Woods Is Passionate About Basketball

Lamonte Woods has played basketball professionally for ten years in Europe. His interest in basketball started in high school when he was an All City Basketball Player. In college, he was an All American basketball player and he also received a full athletic scholarship from University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. As a basketball player, Lamonte Woods ensures that he continues to play regularly even through his busy professional schedule. He often takes time out on weekdays or weekends to get together with his friends for few hours of basketball. The game of basketball, according to Lamonte Woods, is a great way to stay fit and it also helps him in staying focused and determined in his professional life.

While on the court, Lamonte Woods often teaches new players how to make the best use of their skills and how to improve when playing basketball. He guides them on the importance of footwork, passing, shooting and remaining injury free on the court. He maintains that practice is the key to success in the game of basketball as well as any other activity in life and people who give their attention to the game can have more fun. Being present in the moment is what takes a persons basketball playing abilities to the next level. Through the years, Lamonte Woods has added to his basketball skills and he has played professionally in countries such as Germany, France, Mexico and China.

With the interest of new players in basketball, Lamonte Woods comments that new players should take all the precautions they can to avoid injury while on the court. As game of basketball is a contact sport, there are bound to be minor accidents but one should always stay cautious to prevent any injury to self or other players. He suggests warming up properly before entering the court and cooling down after completing the game to prevent muscular strain and physical pains. He also mentions that players should be vigilant on the court and they should know the surface of the court, the movements of other players and their own actions properly to enjoy basketball properly. Lamonte Woods other hobbies include music, art and philosophy.

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