Sexual function recession, kidney is the key

A lot of people are habitual will equate "function" and "kidney", not think men having sex is the "kidney".Can't simply have to equate "hypogonadism" and "kidney".Male expert points out, the man sexual function decline or sexual dysfunction, avoid blindly kidney.
Kidney with sexual relationship?Volume pill enhance sexual function, the impotence and delay is very effective
Therefore, the general think kidney empty is an aphrodisiac is not correct.Was not right it will hurt Yin, lead to more virtual body.In clinic, the most common caused by kidney deficiency or alongwith the day after tomorrow.Modern people work pressure big, overwork, loss of kidney and lead to kidney deficiency.
Male experts point out that the good life habit is the root of the kidney.At ordinary times should strive to do in life, life rule, moderate sex life, scientific diet, not blindly medicine, strengthening exercise and keep fit, keep buoyant, control of undesirable mood.When you're not in bed, volume pill is your best choice.