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Types of Oxygen Masks

Curious about oxygen masks? Want to know what styles and types of oxygen masks are available; here is some information you can use.

Oxygen Masks for Dogs

Most of us are aware of the use of oxygen masks that are primarily used for medicinal purposes. Go through this article for a brief overview about canine oxygen masks.

Types of Pilot Oxygen Masks

Pilots all around the world wear oxygen masks, irrespective of the airplane they fly. These masks provide a steady supply of oxygen, which is not readily available at low pressure conditions and at high altitudes.

Oxygen Masks on Airplanes

Nowadays, every single airplane comes with oxygen masks. This is for the safety of fliers, and it provides them with oxygen supply at times when the air pressure inside the aircraft drops drastically.

Special Oxygen Masks for Pets

Special oxygen masks meant for pets are turning out to be effective in resuscitating animals that may have inhaled smoke in a house fire. This article provides more information about the same.