Biogas was collected using a

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), associated with biomass viability, can potentially be an important parameter for tracking progress of AZD2932 sludge digestion. It reflects fluctuations in the bacterial metabolic activities and provides more intracellular information than the conventional measurements such as total suspended solids (TSS) and volatile suspended solids (VSS) (Chung and Neethling, 1988, Chen, 2000 and Eydal and Pedersen, 2007). However, there have been few reports on the relationship between ATP and anaerobic microbial activities in a two-phase anaerobic system. In this study, ATP of biomass from the acidogenic and methanogenic reactors of the two-phase CSTR anaerobic system was determined to evaluate the microbial responses to HPr.
This paper aims to describe: (1) microbial activity on HPr degradation in a two-phase anaerobic system; (2) the effect of pH and initial HPr concentration on HPr degradation; and (3) POB abundance in the acidogenic and methanogenic reactors.